Access Control


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Access Control Systems are mainly used as a security measure. However, ensuring secure access is not the only application of access control systems. Other applications like personnel management, facilities management, and parking management are possible.

Physical Security

Deterring unwanted access to critical areas is the main application of access control systems. In secure areas where access is restricted to specific personnel, using an access control system is mandatory. Each person is identified by unique credentials provided to him/her by authorized personnel. The credentials provide the intended person with the right to enter specific areas at specific times. This guarantees that only approved personnel enter the secured area.

Personnel Management

Another application of access control systems is helping business owners manage their businesses better by providing information about the presence of their employees in real time. This is extremely helpful in businesses where a large number of employees enter the facility on a daily bases. In this case, the access control system gives specific information (time attendance, location, occupancy level) about the employees residing in each pre-identified area inside the facility.

Building Management

Managing commercial buildings based on occupancy levels can be made possible by the use of access control systems. The EAC system provides data about the occupancy level of the building which in return controls critical services in the building (e.g. lighting, ventilation, power, and heating). This reduces costs and increases the efficiency of the building utilities.

Parking Management

Parking operators have two kind of clients: frequent members and visitors. Access control systems help parking operators identify a member by issuing a unique credential to each one of them (proximity card, tag …). Whenever the member accesses the parking lot, he/she uses his credential and is identified by the system. This automates the access and the billing processes in the parking lot and provides users with a more friendly experience.

More applications for access electronic systems are also possible especially with the integration capabilities. One example is made by integrating the video surveillance system with the access control system, which improves the investigation process by linking the use of credentials with video streams.