Automative Industry


Serving dealerships and automotive service and repair centers for 25 years and have the references that will tell you why!!  With AVA customized security solutions for this industry we have been helping solve the ongoing changing surrounding. If you own a dealership, you know how important surveillance, access control and entry and exit points are. With hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars’ worth of inventory, you would never run the risk of not having cameras installed, or your place monitored in all aspects, even to watch potential customers who may accidentally do damage.

But how effective is your current car dealership security cameras, access solution? Does it cover your whole property? Are your outdoor cameras resistant to bad weather? Do you have round-the-clock recording without the need to replace discs or do any maintenance yourself? Do your auto dealership security cameras provide clear pictures that can help identify offenders? These are the types of things that we will evaluate with you when you contact us for a consultation. Now with Covid, do you have temperature monitoring of your employees, YES A CAMERA CAN DO THIS FOR YOU!

Beyond the obvious concern of theft deterrence and employee adherence, there are countless reasons you need a high-quality reliable security system. Fortunately, top of the line automotive industry security systems are available in the Southeast, and we can install them for you.