Team AVA

Team AVA was founded in 1993, since that founding we have always had the approach of to win at something you must have a process that will carry you and your customer to the finish line with the same goal in mind and a group that you can win with, a way to measure it and know that you have done all you can to cross that finish line in first place. A customer that when they shake your hand knows that they have nothing to worry about and they have been given all they need to be sure they have a winning plan. Especially when it involves their security of their company or investment. We are that team! We will always make sure the end result you desire is our TOP PRIORITY… From the consultation, to the start of the project, to the hand off of the completion. We will walk away winners together.

The team has a total of lifetimes in experience to make sure If our name is on it, it is done to the best ability performed. Cost efficient, designed, installed and serviced.