For your company, it’s important to find the right business security solution installation to help you create a safer place for your employees and to keep you from losing profits through shrinkage. Many companies in the Southeast provide security installation services with no explanation about how the cameras, gates, access control, or other parts work or what you should do with them. However, if you want to get the most out of your security investment, you need to hire a team that can help you install, manage, and use all the components of a security system, and you need to get that security solution installation service help for any business, large or small, to help become more profitable. Utilizing the latest in wireless, AI, and IP camera technology, Modern tracking and entry control with our custom security solutions also help you manage employee performance, monitor customer satisfaction, and prevent costly losses. Based in the Southeast and serving the Southeast, AVA has shown business owners in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Atlanta, New Orleans and the Florida Panhandle how to take advantage of their security to better manage their employees, products, properties, and assets with our innovative services.



We will meet with you and discuss your concerns and problems your business is facing. We will consult with you to custom design a business management video system suitable for your company, tailored to your business’s size, industry, preferred system and specific needs.


From start to finish, we take care of every step. Based on the consultation, we’ll craft your system, strategize placement, install it, and show you how to operate your system.


We also monitor the health of the systems we install, giving you the freedom to manage and develop your business without worrying about equipment malfunctions or operations. With our vital sign monitoring service, we usually catch service issues before you do, and will typically fix the error on site the next day.


Our security services do not stop with installation. We can perform maintenance on nearly any existing system, whether or not we’ve installed it. Your security is our mission, and we’re dedicated to keeping your cameras running smoothly.


By providing you with top-tier surveillance systems and friendly, qualified experts, our security cameras will transform the way you do business. We stand out from the competition because of the standards we uphold. To learn more about our security camera surveillance and to get a free quoteplease contact us from all over the Southeast we are serving Security Solutions everyday!

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