Grocery Stores/Chain


SECURITY SOLUTIONS  (ask About StopLift Checkout Systems)

There are several reasons why you cannot go without effective security in a grocery or retail setting. Grocery store security cameras create an atmosphere where theft deterrence, employee protection, and employee accountability become more effective with the help of AVA security installation and management solutions, because we have been serving this industry for 25 years. Our security systems have helped many businesses in Southeast increase their bottom line dollar.

You may already have security on-site, buy you know it take much more than that to be secure in todays society, you have to do all you can to take care of your investment. A few junky security cameras in the store aren’t going to help you at all. If you want to take your security to the next level and avoid any issues that may arise from not being properly protected, allow us to consult with you today about what you need and not want you think you want.

When you want to get serious about security for your grocery story, it’s time to contact AVA today, allow us to get your business to a better security system.

For the most part, local grocery stores aren’t the first place where someone might think a safety hazard exists. AVA and our grocery store security camera plan can reinforce the feeling of safety as shoppers peruse your aisles and select your products. Effective grocery store security discourages theft and unexpected violence in parking lots or on the grounds, and provides a record of offenders to submit to the police. This also with the STOP LIFT System allows you to deter your employees theft also at the checkout. This system is one of the best in the industry. Preserving the safety of your grocery store and its employees and visitors is paramount. Deterring theft is also vital to maintaining your profits, it is basically a decision that you can either wait and loose or invest and gain. Call us and allow us to show you bottom line difference.