Lease Your Security Needs


LEASING SOLUTIONS! Call and Discuss!

As part of AVA, Inc.’s complete turnkey solutions, we offer easy to understand leasing. With these programs we can start helping your businesses be more profitable.  Immediately start taking advantage of all the benefits we offer without a large out-of-pocket expense. Leasing equipment has tax benefits for you also, please ask your CPA for details.

The leasing component is really what brings our whole system together as a business solution that works. By providing you with a predictable fixed expense every month we are able to show you how much more money you will be making once our system is installed. Either our system makes sense as a business expense or we don’t ask to install it for you. It’s very simple.  It has to work in every area! We will assist a structured program for you to grow your needs. Allow us to do a customized plan for what you need today and plan for what you may need the next year.