Gates Access

AMERICAN VIDEO & ALARM (AVA) is a provider of parking gates, entry gates, custom entrances, and parking control systems. In most cases, the gates are integrated with access control and/or intercom systems.

We install the highest quality equipment that is weather resistant to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions. These systems can be configured so that they can offer any combination of entry options-access, finger read, facial recognition, or card reader.

These systems are designed to meet the specific revenue and security control needs of an unmanned entrance to any facility. Manned also. They are ideal for all operations in the business realm and eliminate the need for an attendant, we custom make many gates for those who want it a exact way that they cannot find. We are known for these installs throughout the area.

As part of the parking control systems, we install loop vehicle detectors for almost all traffic and parking applications. The output signal from the loop detector can be used to vend ticket dispensers, activate barrier gates and operate counting devices, and can be tied into a camera system for a track record of visual that works with the access control.

In addition to installing new equipment, our Service Department is well versed in repairing all different brands, repairs and replacements.